Networking Services self-management with vRealize Automation series: DNAT rules
30 marzo, 2016 por
Bacalov, Damian

vRealize Automation is a great tool which brings the power of the cloud to the end users which can control the entire life cycle of virtual machines. Users have the ability to create virtual machines with the needed specifications and place it in different networks, even those completely isolated.

In this scenario we need to give users the ability to manage Networking Services to communicate those virtual machine with the outside world. That’s why, in Wetcom, we’ve created networking services to be provisioned and managed by end users with vRealize Automation.

DNAT rules

Once you’ve created a virtual machine in an isolated network maybe you need publish some service to the outside world. A web application or perhaps you need to access with SSH or Remote Desktop.

With Wetcom’s implementation of DNAT rules, users can create rules for TCP, ICMP, HTTP, HTTPs or ALL protocols, for all ports or for one in particular. Then, of course, they can delete those rules.

Now, create DNAT rules is a very simple task as you can see in the following video.