Database as a Service with VMware vRealize Automation
29 febrero, 2016 por
Bacalov, Damian

If you are a developer and you already are a vRealize Automation user, you have the ability to create servers whenever you need to test you application without delays.

But if your application needs a Database you have two options: create your own Database Server and create the database you need or ask for a new Database to the Company’s DBA.

Database as a Service

I think the first option is unreasonable, is a waste of time, effort and resources. The second one has it’s problems too. For instance, you need to wait… a lot.

In the following video you will see how to create, use and delete a database using vRealize Automation. For this demo, we use a Microsoft SQL Server 2014 with Partially Contained Databases and the XaaS capabilities of vRealize Automation to create and manage Database items.

This is a very simple implementation but more options can be added like backup and restore databases, export tables, etc. The catalog can also offer different types of Database Engines like Oracle, MySql, Postgress and more.