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High-Tech subordinate company of SOYO Group, as the LARGEST designer and manufacturer (China 2020), we're not only supplying items of NOx Sensors for after-market, but also providing all-in-one solution of control solutions for nitrogen oxides sensors.

a) Long-term supporting cooperation with domestic and foreign diesel and gasoline OEMs and more than 20 vehicle manufacturers such as Weichai Group, Yuchai Group, Cummins, Yunnei Power, etc.
b) The national supporting share rate is as high as 35% or more, is the leading position in domestic China.
c) Holding multiple patents of NOx Sensor, independently designed the NOX sensor ceramic chip structure with oxygen pump battery and Nernst battery,
d) Establishing R&D center in Shanghai, WuHan, and Chengdu cities.
e) Advanced equipment imported from Europe, 1500 m2 Class100,000 dustless chip workshop, 1500,000 pcs/year production capacity, delivery time is guaranteed.
f) Establish and maintain IATF 16949:2016 quality system, assured production quality.
g) ISO 14001:2015 EMSC certificate and GB/T28001OHSMS system guaranteed; CCPS Lean Production Management.
h) Holding Core Part of NOx Sensor Final Assembly: NOx/PM Sensor All Series and HTCC Multi-layer Ceramic Technology.

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