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Hi ,


Pardon me for my Cold Outreach.


My name is Kathleen Rossi, I am the Technology Data Specialist at B2B Group.


Recently Few of Your Competitors acquired Warehouse Management Software Users Info and they were able to successfully add 30%+ more client base to their existing database.


Would you be also interested in our recently verified Warehouse Management Software Users?       


We have database of the following -

•    ShipHero Users

•    Finale Inventory Users

•    Manhattan SCALE Users

•    Ramco Logistics Users

•    MRPeasy Users

•    RFgen Users

•    mobe3 Users

•    Fulcrum Users

And many similar others…


Our aim is to help you achieve greater market penetration.


Last refresh: April 18th, 2023

Data integrity: 90% accuracy.


Let me know if I can share a sample and if we can discuss further in this regard.


Best Regards,

Kathleen Rossi
Technology Data Specialist
B2B Group

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