Hello From Ukraine

Hello Friend,
My name is Mrs. Oksana Marchenko Medvedchuk from Ukraine.  I got 
your email address from your country's online email database, I 
guess you may know me from the news.
Sorry to contact you this way without a direct relationship. Due 
to the ongoing war in my country Ukraine, I need to share/discuss 
an urgent matter with you because I have the mandate to seek 
individuals with professional experience in financial management 
that can help me channel some funds into profitable Investments/
businesses in your country.
This might be strange to you, but understand what we are going 
through with the war in our country Ukraine.
If you are interested, kindly write to me on my private email: 
[email protected]  in enabling us to make progress.
Oksana Marchenko Medvedchuk
Chabany, Fastiv district, Kyiv, Ukraine

por [email protected] - 08:52 - 2 mar. 2023