Hello dear,

Hello dear,

I am happy to contact you as my fellow US citizen, it's my desire to reach out to someone like you (fellow US Citizen), knowing fully well that we love our country/citizens and don't let down.

My name is Lt. Col. Cecil Huey (Ms.) from North Fort Myers, Florida USA. I am a Lieutenant colonel in the US Army, and on Active-Duty as Military Personnel serving under the platform of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

I need your sincere assistance to move the sum of USD12M. to your location for safekeeping and investment because I'm on active-duty as a military personnel. I will happily disclose more details regarding the sum. This sum will not breach any law because the process of moving it to you will be followed diligently.

I wait to hear from you for more details.

Best regards,

Lt. Col. Cecil Huey (Ms.)

US Active-Duty Military Personnel

North Fort Myers, Florida USA

por "ertfyuikoksa[email protected]" <[email protected]> - 03:56 - 22 may. 2023