My name is Vladimir KALININ , a Russian federation citizen. I sincerely need your cooperation in order to help Ukraine.

Let it be made crystal clear that I do not support my country's invasion of Ukraine. It is inhumane in this 21st century.

I have some funds in one of the European countries with a deposit company which I would like to use at least half to help Ukraine people suffering from the war.

In order for me to help them, I need your cooperation as I cannot travel outside Russia because of restrictions. First I will transfer the funds to you then you will give them at least half (50%) of the funds, take (30%) and keep or invest (20%) for me.

What is needed is your acceptance, then I will connect you with the Payment Coordinator who will help you make the Change of Ownership at the Court of Justice Brussels and help you transfer the funds into your account.

Dearest, I will be grateful if you can help me achieve this. Ukrainians really need help. On your response, I will send to you a copy of my International Passport for your confirmation.

Email Address: [email protected]

Sincerely yours,
Vladimir KALININ

por "Teddy Best" <[email protected]> - 05:32 - 30 nov. 2022