Greetings to you,

Greetings to you,
I am Stanley Howard a Financial Consultant based in Arizona, United
states of America. I want to disclose and discuss this promising
transaction for the sum of $120M USD that I would like to execute with
you. I had a client, a Gold merchant who in March 2020 was diagnosed
with various ailments due to Covid infection. Unfortunately, he died
in April 2020 of COVID complications. My client has no traceable next
of kin and did not update his WILL before his demise; therefore, none
of his extended family is aware of this particular deposit.
There is nothing to worry about; I shall provide you the deposit
documents and other appropriate legal backup documents as I intend a
business venture with you.
Kindly reply as soon as possible. I will need your full name, contact
addresses and Telephone number, occupation.
Stanley Howard

por "dave mike" <[email protected]> - 04:09 - 3 dic. 2022