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    Julia Wright | Demand Generation Specialist

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    por "Julia Wright" <[email protected]> - 03:18 - 8 dic. 2022
  • Very Urgent,
    I tried e-mailing you more than twice but my email bounced back
    failure, Note this, soonest you receive this email revert to me before
    I deliver the message it's importunate, pressing, crucial. Await your
    Best regards
    Prof. Robert Jerry

    por "Prof. Robert Jerry" <[email protected]> - 06:29 - 8 dic. 2022
  • Good day to you
    I am introducing my self as Ms,lawrence therese the only daughter of
    late Mr. and Mrs Victor Akanga lawrence, I wish to request for your
    assistance in a financial transaction. And I wish to invest in
    Manufacturing and Real Estate Management in your country.
    I have (USD$5.5million) United States Dollars to invest in your
    country, and I will require your assistance in receiving the funds in
    your personal/company account for investment.
    This fund was deposited in a private Fiduciary Fund Holder by my Late
    Father Mr Victor Akanga lawrence before his untimely death the fund is
    meant for the building of Ultra Modern University Teaching Hospital in
    my country, and due to the civil war in my country, he deposited the
    fund with a private Fiduciary Fund Holder for the safety of the fund
    without knowing that he will be poisoned with my Mother by his
    brothers on that faithful night before his time.
    Now I want you to help me retrieve this funds from the Fiduciary Fund
    Holder I will gladly give you some reasonable percentage from the
    total sum for your assistance while I pray that you do not betray me
    at last. Please if you feel you can be trusted with this request, do
    reply me with the following details of yours.
    Please it is very important you contact me immediately you read this
    message for further explanation on how we will proceed. If I get your
    reply I will immediately process the necessary documents that will
    enable you stand as my foreign partner and the new beneficiary to
    retrieve the fund.
    Thanks and God bless.
    Best Regards
    Ms,lawrence therese

    por "Diamond Ruff" <[email protected]> - 08:21 - 7 dic. 2022
  • Virtual Accountant/ Bookkeeping Services?

    Hi [email protected],


    Hope you are doing well.

    Could you let me know whether you are interested to hire a Dedicated Accountant,

    and Bookkeeper at a reasonable cost?

    We specialize in:

    •         Accounting

    •         Bookkeeping

    •         Payroll

    •         Taxation

    •         Financial Reporting / Financial Statement

    •         Accounts Payable/Receivable

    Let’s set up a time to chat or call for further steps if this is something you are looking




    por [email protected] - 06:05 - 7 dic. 2022
  • Greetings to you,
    Greetings to you,
    I am Stanley Howard a Financial Consultant based in Arizona, United
    states of America. I want to disclose and discuss this promising
    transaction for the sum of $120M USD that I would like to execute with
    you. I had a client, a Gold merchant who in March 2020 was diagnosed
    with various ailments due to Covid infection. Unfortunately, he died
    in April 2020 of COVID complications. My client has no traceable next
    of kin and did not update his WILL before his demise; therefore, none
    of his extended family is aware of this particular deposit.
    There is nothing to worry about; I shall provide you the deposit
    documents and other appropriate legal backup documents as I intend a
    business venture with you.
    Kindly reply as soon as possible. I will need your full name, contact
    addresses and Telephone number, occupation.
    Stanley Howard

    por "dave mike" <[email protected]> - 04:09 - 3 dic. 2022
  • RE: Website Builder Software Users list



    I’m writing to thank you for your time and to find out how you’d like to move the conversation forward.


    If you’re still interested, kindly suggest the next step.


    I await your response,


    Best regards,

    Anna Carter


    From: Anna Carter
    Sent: 11 November 2022 12:11 PM
    To: '[email protected]'
    Subject: Website Builder Software Users list


    Hi Devel,


    Greetings for the day!


    Would you be interested in Opt-ins contacts from Website Builder Software Users dataset for your upcoming marketings and strategic moves?


    I’d be happy to send over samples records and total counts, and set up a time to discuss further


    Looking forward to hearing from you.



    Anna Carter - Data Quality Manager


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    por "Anna Carter" <[email protected]> - 10:39 - 30 nov. 2022
    My name is Vladimir KALININ , a Russian federation citizen. I sincerely need your cooperation in order to help Ukraine.

    Let it be made crystal clear that I do not support my country's invasion of Ukraine. It is inhumane in this 21st century.

    I have some funds in one of the European countries with a deposit company which I would like to use at least half to help Ukraine people suffering from the war.

    In order for me to help them, I need your cooperation as I cannot travel outside Russia because of restrictions. First I will transfer the funds to you then you will give them at least half (50%) of the funds, take (30%) and keep or invest (20%) for me.

    What is needed is your acceptance, then I will connect you with the Payment Coordinator who will help you make the Change of Ownership at the Court of Justice Brussels and help you transfer the funds into your account.

    Dearest, I will be grateful if you can help me achieve this. Ukrainians really need help. On your response, I will send to you a copy of my International Passport for your confirmation.

    Email Address: [email protected]

    Sincerely yours,
    Vladimir KALININ

    por "Teddy Best" <[email protected]> - 05:32 - 30 nov. 2022

    Greeting My Dear Friend,

    I am Mr. Salem Mohamed from Damascus Syria, and I have now resigned from the government. I am a Member of an Opposition party Government in Syria.

    I need a foreign partner to enable me to transport my investment capital and then Relocate with my family, honestly I wish I will discuss more and get along. I need a partner because my investment capital is in my international account. Am interested in buying Properties, houses, and some tourist places, or any business ideal you know that we can invest in your country, my capital for investment is ($16. 5Million USD).

    You shall be entitled to 30% of the total fund as your own share for helping me as my foreign partner and also for using your account in receiving the fund while the 70% will be for me and my family and the investments which I will also need your help to invest in your country.

    I came across your e-mail contact prior a private search while in need of your assistance and I decided to contact you directly to ask you if you know any Lucrative Business Investment in your Country I can invest my Money since my Country Syria Security and Economic Independent has lost to the Greatest Lower level, and our Culture has lost forever including our happiness has been taken away from us. Our Country has been on fire for many years now.

    If you are capable of handling this deal Contact me for more details i will appreciate it if you can contact me immediately.

    You may as well tell me a little more about yourself. Contact me urgently to enable us to proceed with the business.

    I am waiting for your response,


    Sincerely Yours,

    Mr. Salem Mohamed.

    por "Salem Mohamed" <[email protected]> - 05:54 - 29 nov. 2022
  • Good day
    Drogi przyjacielu,

    Jak się masz? Wiem, że moja wiadomość będzie dla ciebie zaskoczeniem, ale wszystko, co tu napisano, to prawda. W ramach ONZ i UE pracujemy nad odszkodowaniem dla wszystkich ofiar cyberprzestępczości na całym świecie. W 2012 roku UE/ONZ pojawiła się wraz z organizacją zajmującą się zbieraniem funduszy na rzecz cyberprzestępczości, aby wypłacać odszkodowania wszystkim ofiarom cyberprzestępczości. Wybierają losowo, więc masz szczęście, że się z Tobą skontaktowaliśmy, ponieważ Twój szczegółowy adres e-mail pojawił się w naszym systemie. Z przyjemnością przekażemy więcej informacji na temat Twojej pozytywnej odpowiedzi, aby umożliwić Ci otrzymanie własnego udziału. Jednak w razie potrzeby możesz zadawać mi pytania. Czekamy na kontakt z Państwem wkrótce.

    Fatima Williama.

    por "Yao Adjaho" <[email protected]> - 02:17 - 25 nov. 2022
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    We are one of the top mobile app's development company, we strive hard to produce smooth mobile solution that pass from rigorous testing methods.

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    Thank You,
    Priyanka Sharma
    Business Manager (INDIA)

    por "Priyanka Sharma" <[email protected]> - 07:11 - 25 nov. 2022
  • Very Urgent,
    We are privileged and delighted to reach you via email" And we are
    urgently waiting to hear from you. and again your number is not
    My regards,
    Arado Bula

    por "Arado Bula" <[email protected]> - 07:05 - 22 nov. 2022
  • Hello,
    I have a business proposal of mutual benefit. Kindly contact me for
    more details.

    por "Terry Edward Barwick" <[email protected]> - 12:56 - 21 nov. 2022
  • Best Regards.....
    I am Mrs Elizabeth Anna John a regional managing director (orabank
    international). in my department we discover US$9,500.000.00 million
    united state dollars, to transfer into your account as a dormant
    fund,If you are interested to use this fund to help the orphans around
    the world contact me, with your personal information's
    to my email ([email protected]).
    Your Full names..
    Your Country of origin..
    Your Occupation.
    Your phone number.
    Your Mobile Number.
    Best Regards
    Mrs. Elizabeth Anna John....

    por "Elizabeth Anna John" <[email protected]> - 06:05 - 21 nov. 2022
  • Latest packaging machinery factory


    Have a nice day!

    I am Eva from  TTMA GUANGZHOU CO., LTD,China. I got your information from our contact list, nice to meet you.I know you are a major distributor in the manufacturing industry, we are a manufacturer in this field more than 20 years. Our products have passed CE / CB / SAA certificate. Attached is the picture for your reference.Our autumn  promotion .will start from Oct 1st to Nov 30st, a big discount will base on your order quantity.Any need, please feel free to contact me.



    Thanks and best regards

    广州市腾田机械实业有限公司 TTMA GUANGZHOU CO., LTD

    Add: Room 1208, Baiyun Electric Technology Building, 1633 Beitai Road, Baiyun District, Guangzhou

    Post Code:510540

    Tel:+86-20-87470512 EXT 233

    Fax:+86-20 -83480575

    por "TTMA" <[email protected]> - 08:52 - 17 nov. 2022
  • SharePoint decision makers mailing database



    Do you sell to companies who use SharePoint? Do you have a product that aliens work with SharePoint? If yes, then we offer the best marketing data in our SharePoint Email list that will aid marketers to reach their goal faster.

    We also have contact data of – MS Dynamics, MS Azure, MS Hyper-V, MS Power BI, MS Office Suite and others.


    Information fields: Name, title, email address, phone, company name, web address, physical address, company size, revenue size, social media profiles and more.


    Kindly specify the technology users you would like to target and I’ll get back to you with further



    Carol Smith | Data Manager



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    por "Carol Smith" <[email protected]> - 09:49 - 16 nov. 2022
  • RE: Wetcomgithub - Maintenance Management Software



    I’m writing to follow up on my email. I didn’t hear back from you. If it makes sense to talk, let me know what your calendar looks like.


    If not, who is the appropriate person for me to talk to?


    Thanks for your time,


    Thanks & Regards,



    From: Emma Watson
    Sent: 08 November 2022 03:24 PM
    To: '[email protected]'
    Subject: Wetcomgithub - Maintenance Management Software




    Would you be interested in Opt-ins contacts from Maintenance Management Software users list?


    Kindly let me know if you wish to see the pricing, list details and a samples.



    Emma Watson Technology Support Specialist


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    por "Emma Watson" <[email protected]> - 06:49 - 14 nov. 2022
  • Get back to me urgently
    Dear friend,

    How are you doing? I know my message will come to you as a surprise but all that is written down here is truth. We are working under the UN & EU on compensating all the victims of cyber fraud victims  across the world.  The EU / UN emerged with the cybercrime fundraising organization in 2012 to be compensating all the victims of cyber fraud. They only choose randomly, so you are lucky enough to be contacted because your detailed  email appeared in our system. It will be a pleasure to give you more details upon your positive response to enable you received your own share. However you can ask me questions if necessary. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Fatima William.

    por "Fatma Karatas" <[email protected]> - 08:21 - 13 nov. 2022
  • Website Builder Software Users list

    Hi Devel,


    Greetings for the day!


    Would you be interested in Opt-ins contacts from Website Builder Software Users dataset for your upcoming marketings and strategic moves?


    I’d be happy to send over samples records and total counts, and set up a time to discuss further


    Looking forward to hearing from you.



    Anna Carter - Data Quality Manager


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    por "Anna Carter" <[email protected]> - 12:11 - 11 nov. 2022
  • Saudi Build Attendees list 2022

    Dear Exhibitors,


    Saudi Build 2022 attendees list is available now at a discounted price.


    Could you let me know if you want to receive the Attendee List by emails?


    You can use this list for your booth invitation, pre-show marketing campaigns, and appointment setting.


    Interested — just reply back as “Send Counts, Cost"




    Riley carter

    (Events & Tradeshow Specialist)

    por "riley carter" <[email protected]> - 11:31 - 9 nov. 2022
  • Dringend

    DOSSIER. DG-GN268-AVIS.URG. Anklage erheben,
    Bitte nehmen Sie den Verschluss des beigefügten Dokuments und antworten Sie so schnell wie möglich an die unten angegebene Adresse.

    (Kommandeur der Vereinigung der Gendarmerie)
    Ge. Christian Rodriguez

    Kontakt: [email protected]

    Hinweis: Nach Ablauf der 72-Stunden-Frist werden wir ein förmliches Verfahren einleiten, nämlich einen Haftbefehl. Ihre Kontaktdaten und Ihr Foto-Porträt werden an alle Jugendschutzorganisationen sowie an die Massenmedien zur weiteren Verbreitung Ihrer Handlungen weitergeleitet.

    por "Nationalen Gendarmerie" <[email protected]> - 05:48 - 8 nov. 2022